Welcome To Stone Consultants Australia.

At the core of Stone Consultants Australia Pty Ltd lies more than 20 years of experience working with natural stone. This would cover areas such as material sourcing, material suitability, material testing, factory fabrication, installation options and techniques, temporary protection, surface finishes, surface protection, after care, maintenance & restoration.

Our combined experience & expertise today will suggested a rare combination here in Australia. Most companies here specialises in one aspect or another in the natural stone industry and this could be activities related to stone import, stone distribution, stone fabrication, tiling, stonemasonry, cleaning, sealing, restoration and maintenance. There is rarely an entity that would be all encompassing.

As a consultancy based outfit, we are in the position to recommend proper practices and guidelines among other inputs to be incorporated together with your selection of suppliers, trades, architects and builders. This alone will create the perfect support and confidence needed to overcome complexed decisions when working on current projects, or those in planning stages and even with completed troubled projects. We can advice and quantify all the above areas and this will give you the space and ability to focus on your projects as a whole.

It is common that the wrong choice of materials were used, obvious surface damaged on handover, inconsistency in finishing, etc.. so this is where we able to provide rectification solutions, draft out processes for remedial works, lay out strategic completion plans, propose a workable maintenance care plan, etc..

As there are multiple areas that we can assist, we are happy to take on smaller work as well. Consulting for individuals in relation to a residential project is something we are also keen to establish. Do not hesitate to make contact with us on 03-9429 1223 to get more out of your projects that involve natural stone.

“We Know A Lot About Stone”