Factory Fabrication

The processing of natural stone tiles and slabs are an old art form. Stonemasons over centuries have been fabricating natural stone from blocks through early day manual work to the sophistication of automation the industry has advanced and moved into.

Today’s stone fabrication machinery are precise & quick. In the factory environment, natural stone blocks are processed to produce slabs and tiles with the desired finish. The process will involve cutting down stone blocks using a diamond gang saw thereafter these slabs will go through a calibration process, a polishing process, a grading process to determine if they are best left as slabs or to cut them to size.

With the demand of building projects seeking quicker completion, processing slabs and tiles to custom fit a project is rapidly growing giving the project a better overall final finish committing to less errors. Project shop drawings will also enable the fabricator to produce all the required materials with minimal wastage.

It is important to supervise the fabrication process so as to minimise common issues that arises with the purchase of natural stone. Issues of tonality, veinage, book matching, etc.. can be addressed rather than purchasing prefabricated stone tiles that are already packed in pallets.

At Stone Consultants Australia, you can be assured that we will persevere to keep strong grip over the fabrication process either by supervising this directly for you or alternatively by employing a  qualified & well reputed Stone Inspector for this task.

We have our alliances with stone production companies around the world namely China, Italy & Turkey. Gives us a call today at 03-9429 1223 to enquire within.

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