Installation Options & Techniques

Stone tile and slab installation must probably have its own website to describe how intricate these processes can be! If all boxes are ticked, you can smell the sweet smell of a job well done. Unfortunately this is not the case in our day to day finding.

Due to the many variables involved, the process of installation must closely adhere to sound principles and techniques. Some of the immediate things to look into are:


1. Sub Floor Preparation.
2. Sub Floor Levelling As Required
3. Inclines, Declines & Thresholds
4. Is Waterproofing Required
5. Will Under Floor Heating Be Used.
6. Where To Start & How To End
7. Type Of Equipment & Tools Required
8. Choice Of Adhesives
9. Is The Stone Moisture Sensitive
10. Pre-Sealing As An Option
11. Grout Type
12. Size Of Grout Joints
13. Usage Of Neutral Cure Silicone


This is further complicated by site conditions, onsite labour skills, wet area special requirements, etc..

It is an industry fact that good tilers and stonemasons are hard to come by and are a rare commodity especially here in Australia. Having the necessary skill sets along with acute accuracy combined with unparalleled years of experience will proof the difference. Therefore it is essential to find good calibre which will translate to great finishing!

Here at Stone Consultants Australia Pty Ltd, we work very closely with a handful of skilled Tilers and Stonemasons only to eliminate the many potential issues that could arise during installation and to ensure good delivery to our clients.

This would include skills to install kitchen bench tops, vanities, fireplaces and to complete any form of wall to floor tiling. Kindly make an appointment with us today to consult us on any of you installation requirements. Call 03-9429 1223.

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