Material Suitability

Material suitability is probably one of the major area that influences why a project involving stone fails. Many tend to choose natural stone based on aesthetics while a lot of others tend to slant toward what is cheaper. Both of this can prove to be a deadly combination together or even when addressed separately.

In general, consumers lack the experience or understanding of natural stone and easily get emotionally attached to something they like or get influenced by discounts and special prices laid down to them when purchasing. As there are more than a 1000 natural stone types available in the commercial market, we daresay that no 2 materials will have an identical match in their characteristics. They will all have different traits and properties and here is where professional advice is your only best option.

Data provided by our sister company Stone Doctor Australia which is a well established natural stone restoration outfit based out of Melbourne will prove that many end users regret the use of natural stone and regularly mention that this will be their last time engaging with such materials. This indeed is a true shame as materials selected in their instances was never compatible to the area of use or poor selection of materials has lead to a higher cost of maintenance due to premature material destruction, acid attack, salt attack, etc.. which has left a bitter taste for consumers.

Marble, Limestone & Travertine being calcite based materials are vulnerable to acid attack. Usage of these materials freely on multitude of different incompatible areas has lead to numerous issues that pops up on a day to day basis leading to the need of restoration.

In order to overcome the issue and to avoid specifying poor choice materials, we have come up with a special 1 hour consulting block for clients wanting to discuss their options or to get a better understanding of the different stone types and what it would mean to them in their projects involving natural stone. Kindly email us at to enquire on the rate as well as to book in a time.

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