Material Testing

When using natural stone for larger scale projects as internal floors, internal walls, external pavers, external cladding, etc.. it will best to understudy the material being selected. Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Granite, Onxy, Sandstone, etc.. represents different stone families which have different tendency to weathering, compression strengths, staining, freeze thaw, hardness, porosity, etc.

Most stone suppliers will have technical papers regarding the stone’s characteristics and make up of which is best left to the experts to interpret. From this information, some gauge on the material suitability in regards to the proposed area of usage can be measured.

Further to this, there are independent laboratory test facilities around Australia which can perform custom tests as required with detailed reports. Amongst the common lab tests are: Water Absorption, Bulk Specific Gravity, Compressive Strength, Flextural Strength, Modulus Of Rupture, Resistance To Salt Attack, Resistance To Acid Attack, Freeze Thaw Resistance, Abrasion Resistance, Dimensional Stability & Coefficient of Thermal Expansion.

The results from these selected tests will enable the best material to be used from a selected list of materials in contention for a project. Making decisions from test reports as such will only lead to lowered cost of maintenance with material longevity and long term building preservation. Stone Consultants Australia can arrange to have your stone samples tested with by a NATA Accredited laboratory for a professional fee. Kindly call and speak to Simon Gabriel at 03-9429 1223 to discuss your needs.

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