Restoration Of Natural Stone Surfaces

Transforming old, worn-out, tired stone surfaces to come to life again!

The area of restoring natural stone should be looked into with much consideration. We must identify the objectives. Do we want a surface to like once before? Or perhaps a new look.. with today’s technology.. for examples, floor surfaces can be converted to newer finishes i,e. brushed, antique, chiselled, bush hammered, etc..This means that your tired horizontal stone surfaces can have a make-over leaving them with a new refreshed look where the need to replace tiles or slabs are no longer the only option.

We are able to advice you on the various options you have and draw up a delicate plan on have to make it work. Help you identify challenges that we will need to overcome, assist you with obtaining the right stone restoration company through our unique tendering process, have offsite and onsite testing to ensure final finish is acceptable, in the selection of sealing and protective products ensuring the right treatment is given using reputable products and lastly to set up a customised maintenance plan for ongoing care.

Types of natural stone which are commonly used in the building industry here in Australia are marble, limestone, travertine, granite, bluestone, dolomite, quartzite, etc.. unfortunately for its restoration, they all have different techniques, tooling, machinery, chemicals and the output or the expected coverage with one operating machine per day will all be different due to the level of hardness observed between stone types. The mohs scale which is an international standard to gauge hardness stone reads from 0 to 10 where a smaller number will indicate soft while a higher number will indicate its hardness.

Mohs Scale Of Mineral Hardness

Mohs Scale chart

As you can appreciate the data from the chart above, for example the level of hardness between marble and granite is enormous hence the amount of time, resources and experience that is required for granite restoration is extraordinary. It is for the same reason that granite surface finish will outlast that of limestone for example.

At Stone Consultants Australia Pty Ltd, we have the experience and expertise when quantifying natural stone and its capabilities once they have been installed, used and when it would need restoration during its lifespan. Call us today @ 03-9429 1223 to learn more or to hire out our consultancy services.

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