Surface Finishes


Here we touch on surface finishes and what it all means. Lets take marble for example. Marble can come finished in brushed, antiqued, sandblasted, bush hammered, chiselled, acid washed, honed matte, semi-polished and polished among the most popular of its finishing types whereas granite can be flamed leaving it with an exfoliated finish and it can also be left sawn cut.

Every finish type is designed in the light to be used for its intended application. Two simple examples of impractical applications are:


1. Never should you placed polished marble in wet areas due to lowered slip resistance making the area slippery and impractical to use.

2. Never should you place rough exfoliated finished stone tiles over a kitchen floor as it will proof to be impossible to keep clean.


Therefore when planning to use natural stone either in a residential or commercial environment, may it be an internal or external application or a dry vs. wet area requirement, its’ practical aspect must be studied and not just selected for it physical appearance or for sheer aesthetic reasons.

As natural stone comes in thousands of geologically identified materials sourced from the world over and now commonly being used in building and construction, having different finishes per stone type does add tremendous confusion to the consumer while we do acknowledge the lack of general resource to help and identify which surface finish would best suit each individual application.

Therefore a major point of reference required by architects, engineers and builders in this instance would solely come from stone supply companies as they hope to receive sufficient product data & technical information in order to make an informed decision which is sometimes not the case.

The accuracy of stone importers and stone retailers in recommending the best options could be subjective and at times seen being reluctant to produce geological reports etc.. The consumer having seen showroom displays and sample tiles of various stone types and its finishes will surely be left with a tough decision to make unfortunately.

Once again, we extend our speciality consultancy service by helping you identify and understand the pros and cons of the various stone finishes and what it comes down to when used on projects. This alone will have your confidence soaring when making surface finishing decisions as we are here to assist you every step of the way. Call us today @ 03-9429 1223.

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